Cake Artist Whips Up a Recipe for Success with vCita LiveSite
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Cake Artist Whips Up a Recipe for Success with vCita LiveSite


LiveSite Portal Offers Complete Account History with 24/7 Convenience

• 80% of all bookings are now through vCita LiveSite, with prepayments eliminating no-shows and cancellations

• Automated notifications and reminders are key to client retention

• vCita LiveSite Portal provides 24/7 account visibility to bakery and clients alike

MDV Custom Cakes was founded in 2009 by Melody Velez in the Bronx, New York after she and her husband were the casualties of an economic downturn. After a layoff, Velez’s husband began his own construction company while Velez started a daycare. During this same time she became interested in baking cakes for special occasions. When family and friends began ordering cakes from Velez, she knew she had a business.  MDV Custom Cakes was born with Velez’s husband closing his construction business to become a baker at MDV.

Custom Cakes are Cooking
News of MDV Custom Cakes grew. Velez had a website and her business was real, but she was spending too much time on the phone scheduling tastings and booking orders. Velez went online and found the vCita LiveSite Web Engagement Platform, liked the user interface and decided to give it a try.

Ingredients that Take the Cake
It took minutes to add vCita into the MDV Custom Cakes website. With a LiveSite, clients could now book tastings, and in person, phone or Skype consultations online with just a few clicks. Velez integrated the entire vCita LiveSite suite providing a complete web-to-end solution.

A Recipe for Success
Velez’s business has really grown and she is even creating custom cakes for recording artists and other celebrities in New York City. Since integrating vCita LiveSite, at least 80% of all bookings are now through vCita. Clients can message or book appointments online, and also prepay for tastings using vCita Online Payments and Invoicing. Velez says prepayment has eliminated no-shows and cancellations.

“vCita makes it easier to do business as clients can book consultations or order on their own time. The LiveSite self-service client portal is a great resource for my clients as they can review past orders, payments and other information at their convenience—and they can even book appointments right from their account,” says Velez. “Plus, vCita Client Management lets me review the entire client conversation anywhere, anytime so I can easily track important information.”
Velez and her clients like the automated notifications and reminders, and Velez believes vCita has been instrumental in client retention. 

“vCita helps me stay on track and better run my business,” says Velez. “It’s so easy—why wouldn’t you use it?”  


Special thanks to Melody Velez, owner & cake artist at MDV Custom Cakes in North Bronx, New York. MDV Custom Cakes is a past recipient of "Best Cakes in the Bronx 2012" award and often featured in Contemporary Bride magazine. Learn more about MDV Custom Cakes on her website or contact Melody through her LiveSite.